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Golden Rabbit Book

Rahh is a young bunny, full of nothing but joy and happiness. Each morning he bounds out of his burrow with his brothers and sisters to play.

Living on the edge of the ancient wood, life is wonderful and simple. Rahh doesn’t know anything different until one morning there is a golden glow in the woodland. As the bunnies creep forward to investigate this strange light, they meet Golden Rabbit. Rahh’s simple life is about to go through interesting changes as his eyes are opened to a new way of seeing the world.

This is a story of love. Not a love story but a story that brings you into the heart of love itself. And yet, it is also a love story.  Now, there’s a confusing start but as you will see, confusion is an intimate part of Rahh’s journey, as a frequently confused rabbit.

Written in a style that speaks to your inner child, Golden Rabbit could be described as a Children’s Book for Adults. As you let go and blend with the journey of the characters, you will find what you didn’t realise you had lost or left behind in your urgency to grow up.

Walk through the sacred woodland with Rahh and Golden Rabbit as they sprinkle love into your heart and our world.

As evolution invites the hearts of humanity to open, the light of Golden Rabbit will speak to those who truly desire to understand the power of love and what love truly is. Are you ready for Golden Rabbit to sprinkle love into your heart?

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