Never have I felt so many feelings about a Rabbit! Only a writer who truly understands how we are all connected to Nature could elicit such powerful emotions from innocent woodland creatures and make them entirely believable and relatable to humanity. A lesson in spirituality if ever there was one.
Beautifully written with pure Love and Light pouring out from every page.

Long time no see!

I just wanted to thank you so much for bringing the earth healing project into my awareness. I’m honoured to have taken part.

I read Golden Rabbit. I cried through most of it! Loved Rahh and all his woodland friends. It really is heart opening, thank you for bringing that to my awareness also. I’ve bought another copy for my granddaughter in Australia.

I listen to the shamans journey every day since I bought it recently and will suggest it to others. Thank you for also bringing that to my awareness.

Thank you for helping me get to where I am at this moment.

Much Love and Light


About the book Golden Rabbit, what a beautiful story, I am now half way.

There are many layers of wisdom and I am so taken by the story in the world of Rahh.

Overall a wonderful book full of life lessons. Pure pleasure. And the cover is beautiful.


I have so enjoyed reading Golden Rabbit. I felt I was there and was taken into the consciousness of Rahh. I felt I was on a truly beautiful journey of the nature kingdom, all creation, much wisdom and felt so much a part of it speaking to the heart.

Love & Blessings for 2019


Golden Rabbit is a wonderful book which
opens up so many parts of me with a lot
of tears lol, and also love.


On a “dark, bitter night”, somewhere in the borderlands between Wales and Shropshire in England, a wizard is sitting snugly by his fire in his cottage with his elderly Spanish rabbit companion, Conejo. Being a thoroughly modern magician, the wizard starts up his Skype connection.

Via his computer, the wizard starts a conversation with Angel and her two human friends, hundreds of miles away… They ask for a story; and he tells them the tale of a young, carefree bunny called Rahh. Rahh loves his simple life in the woods with his friends and family. And then, one day, a mysterious golden light starts to glow in the woods…the light of Golden Rabbit, who shares her wisdom willingly to help Rahh navigate the tasks and trials ahead. Rahh soon discovers that he is more than just a bunny; he is a very special rabbit indeed.

Is this a children’s story for grown-ups, or a grown-up story for children, or a bit of both? You decide….if you like myths and fairy-tales you’ll enjoy this tale; if you need a slightly different approach to mindfulness or pathworking, you’ll like it; if you know someone who’d like a little bit of help accessing their inner child, or building up their confidence, or finding their true voice, or working out where they might fit in to the bigger picture, this book would be a great resource. It has some great moral messages, and throughout the whole story the nature imagery is quite lovely.

It’s very, very charming and the characters are quirky and extremely sweet and funny. When I wasn’t laughing, I was smiling very loudly. There are some serious elements too, though – after all, this does take in the journey of life. All in all, Golden Rabbit has some great ways of looking at, and coping with, life. Definitely one to come back to!

Paula Younger

NOW is the time!

Golden Rabbit and I have been to silent retreat. Am still in the middle of this fantastik true story.

It’s not print on paper, it’s sheer Light. This is what I’ve been waiting for, but didn’t know…

Words cannot describe. But I’ll send more later.


Edna, Sweden

Golden Rabbit is an enchanting tale, but so, so much more — each page is brimming with the deep wisdom of a spiritual master.  It is a captivating journey of enlightenment that will bring riches for adults and children alike.  Be prepared for magic, be prepared to have your eyes opened, and be prepared for your life to change for the better…

Elizabeth Brown, Hay House author of Dowsing - The Ultimate Guide for the 21st Century

At pivotal times in the development of the Human Race, the world is given a “Book of Love” to open the hearts of mankind and bring forth a new wave of consciousness on Earth.

Golden Rabbit is such a book!

Transcending all and divinely guided, it is destined to become a global treasure.  

Written with the lightest of touches, each chapter gifts us with a “Blesson… a lesson with a blessing.”

Incredibly, as we journey with the most beautiful of souls, Rahh, on his path of transformation to “Becoming” we, too, have our hearts opened to the purity, humility, gentleness,  innocence, hope, trust, truth, heartbreak, faith, bravery and power of love and magically, find ourselves changed and on our own path to ” Becoming.”

This is a spiritual Masterpiece and a joyous book to be loved by all ages.

Sue H

Golden Rabbit is a charming tale of an ordinary little rabbit who gradually discovers that he, like us all, has the potential to be quite extraordinary. The main protagonist’s name is Rahh and when he shouts his name out loud he finds it is the sound of a powerful lion that emerges, not the frightened rabbit he feels he is. Taking the courage this gives him, Rahh sets off on a series of adventures that see him grow in stature, understanding and confidence.

Ostensibly a children’s book, Golden Rabbit, by taking us through Rahh’s sometimes painful growth, has the power to help us all to step back and look at the world (and ourselves) in ways that can help us on the path towards enlightenment. Simple on the surface, but with hidden depths, this is a book to read, re-read and treasure.

Andrew Lane

Every so often, as l have opened a page to begin reading I have literally watched colourful shapes come out from the book like confetti flowing upwards. Sometimes it looks like emoji hearts. Sometimes just purple shapes and other times a spectrum of colours. It is magical to watch. My ears ring  louder every time l pick the book up and often my crown chakra just blows open.

I haven’t seen colours for a long time! The book is working on me!!!

I can sense the true wizardry coming out from the book. Just amazing. What a gift.  

Deborah, Scotland

An Absolute Must and a Treasure for all ages

Do you sometimes feel lonely in your journey of awakening? There is no need to anymore once you have read about Rahh. For the rest of your life you will feel loved and accompanied by him and Golden Rabbit.

This children’s book for adults is an Absolute Must for every person who is going through their awakening. It makes you feel understood, loved and cared for. Also, it is written in such a magnificent and heart opening way that Rahh’s magical journey can be understood on many levels. This book full of wisdom is a treasure for all ages – an everlasting hit for All Birthdays.

Harriët Kroon, The Netherlands

Golden Rabbit changed my life.

I can’t tell you how, I just know it deep inside. Something touches you as you read it. Whether this is healing, magic, love or spirit I have no idea, but I am all the better for taking this adventure with these beautiful creatures.

Thank you Golden Rabbit and Rahh for opening my heart to joy.

Andrea Joyce

A beautifully written, powerful and poignant story… so full of wisdom, courage, hope, joy and especially love. A spiritual gift, not only for this auspicious time but also for future generations to come.


Golden Rabbit is a very unique and magical book. The author has managed to write a book that combines the wonder and joy of the classic children’s books of youth with the profound wisdom and teachings of the spiritual classics. They have created a book that takes you on a journey into the subtle truths of existence delivered through the touching woodland creatures that are used as characters. 

It is a book that is full of the love but also the pain of a true spiritual journey as told through the eyes of a rabbit and the woodland creatures that help and guide him on his odyssey of Becoming. It is incredibly rich in touching detail and told with such love and joy it is impossible not to be profoundly moved by the spiritual teachings that are delivered by the creatures in the story to each other. I found myself empathising with the main character’s pain and confusion as he struggles to understand and grow and sharing the wonderment of those moments when he really sees and feels the truth. I’m sure all those of us who have walked a spiritual path for any length of time will feel the same. 

It is a book that could only have been written by a person who has their own eyes open to the truth of the Path and who has understood at a deeply knowing level the essence of the Great Mystery; a person whose heart is wide open and who has the subtle power to open the hearts of others.

Perhaps the book it brings to mind to some degree is the Tao of Poo by Benjamin Hoff who used the tales of Poo to explain the essence of Taoism and I’m sure that those who enjoyed that book would get much from Golden Rabbit. 

Tim, London

I really identified with Rahh on his journey into light within the pages of this wonderful book. It is not so much a story as a real spiritual journey. You cannot help but become a part of it as you read. I found it really difficult to put down and go to bed, but I had to be up for work so had to draw the line somewhere. But strangely, I felt the creatures with me as I dealt with the struggles of everyday life. Golden Rabbit’s wisdom seemed to whisper to me when I had difficult decisions to make.

There is most definitely light within the pages and it seems to stick with you once you have read it. Like the light becomes a part of you. I will treasure this book and read it over and over as I am certain it gives you so much.

Robert Thompson, Scotland

The book, Golden Rabbit is destined to be a timeless classic. Such a powerful journey of deep, inner transformation, it takes the reader on a journey of heart opening joy.

Ron Phillips, Bristol

What a wonderful read! Golden Rabbit spreads love and light wherever she goes, I really connected with Rahh starting off on his spiritual path, which was very similar to my own path! It has wonderful Spiritual Teachings written in such a way that really resonate on a deep level. The references to Nature Healing and guiding us if we just tune in and listen, it encourages bravery and courage to stand in your own light and truth.

Thank you Golden Rabbit for your amazing Wisdom!

Nicky Hesketh

Golden Rabbit is a beautiful gem of a story. Full of spirit, which touches your heart.  Wisdom and magic literally jump out from its pages to bring light into the reader’s heart.  This story can be appreciated by the young and the old alike, especially those who can identify with loss.  The book opens the reader’s heart to a much deeper level of understanding.  A little book of treasure with a huge message to share. Hopefully with my grandchildren one day. 

Love and light


Joy of joys, what an amazing journey these rabbits have taken to arrive with hearts so full of light. For those of us who have travelled the road of inner change, this is such a wonderful confirmation that we are not alone. The writer truly knows the journey of opening the heart, the difficulties, the despair, the loneliness, the highs and elation and ultimately arriving filled with light.

This book spills light into your heart as you read. A masterpiece of spiritual writing.

With love and thanks.

Ian Bright

From the words in these pages you can find the gentle love and guidance to follow your heart. Golden rabbit can guide you through her story of love to your highest truth.

To read this book is to be moved by the truth you feel in your heart and to awaken to the potential of your life. A truly inspiring story of love and life.

Chloe, Australia